Help us build the future of time tracking

Our community is our most important asset. Nikabot was and will always be built on your feedback. The Nikabot Product Roadmap is a tool for all our community members to have an active voice in building this amazing product. Help us find out how the future looks like.

Nikabot adventure map roadmap

Have a voice in what we build

The Nikabot Public Roadmap helps you keep track with what we're building, when we'll be launching new features, and you can even upvote your favorite features. When they have great traction from our community, we ship them faster! Try it out.

Stay on top of everything

Nikabot Updates helps you keep up with everything we're releasing. New features, bug fixes, and hotfixes that go live will show up here. Make sure to visit this page every once in a while if you requested a feature or reported a bug.