A new look into your business

Every business needs answers to these specifics questions:
Where's my team's time being applied? How much do my projects really cost?
Are we profitable?
By keeping track of what your team is working on, Nikabot can help you generate rich and detailed information to help you better understand what's going on.

Smart check in messages

The smartest reminders your team can get

Everyday at 5pm Nikabot will ask everyone on your team what they worked on that day and automatically fill in a timesheet for them.

Detailed reports filled automatically

Time collected by Nikabot gets organized and projected in beautiful graphs and KPIs that will help you make great and meaningful decisions for your organization.

Nikabot dashboards
Nikabot missing hours and overtime report

Never worry about missing hours and overtime again

Nikabot warns you about teammates not recording time, as well as reminding of those who are working too many hours.
Avoid burnout in your team, and ensure data quality for your reports.

Well deserved Time Off

By having a more complete picture of where your team is spending their time, you can plan their Time Off in advance, as well as customize leave types.

Nikabot time off report
Nikabot settings

Fully customizable to your needs

Everything about Nikabot is customizable to the needs of your organization, up to and including, sorting teammates into groups, associating Projects to different types and clients, as well as roles and permissions.

Established in 2016, trusted by 5000+ businesses worldwide

Time is a pain to track but it is what makes a business operate.
Over the last 3 years, businesses have been using Nikabot to proactively help track millions of hours and make a lot of happy managers, who don't have to do it anymore.
Our customers are Creative Agencies, Tech Companies, Publishers, and many many others that use the power of Nikabot as a workforce management tool to leverage better budget forecasting, project costs and more.