Have a positive impact with every check-in

As an Impossible Venture, we at Nikabot aim to have a positive impact on our world.
To do this, we have partnered with tree-nation.org and commit to plant trees for our users check-in replies.
On average, for every 70 check-in replies, we plant a tree for your team,
helping you on your journey to become carbon-neutral.

Subscribe to Nikabot and start planting trees

Get your team involved with every check-in reply.
In the same way Nikabot works for your team to track time, she will automatically add each check-in reply to your team's counter and handle the tree planting for you.

Nikabot planting trees
Forest eliminating CO2

The world is more beautiful green than deserted

Offset your CO2 emissions. Create your forest with Nikabot's help and make your team carbon-neutral.

Positive impact is contagious

Share your progress with your customers and get them engaged as well. You can easily share how many trees you've planted so far directly through the Nikabot Report Center.

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